Friday, February 7, 2014

Othello Act 5 Summary

5 Scene| Summary| Significant Event| pass from Text| 1.| Following Iagos plan, Roderigo and Iago confronted for Cassio at night to wait him. Roderigo attempted unsuccessfully to kill Cassio, and instead was stabbed by Cassio. Iago because wounded Cassio in the leg and ran away. Othello, hearing the noise, purpose that Cassio was killed and went to bugger off Desdemona. Iago, joined by Lodovico and Grantiano, came to the wounded Cassio and killed Roderigo. As Bianca and genus Emilia arrived to the scene, Iago criminate Bianca of engineering the plot against Cassio and then commanded Emilia to aver Othello of the concomitant| Cassio managed to dodge Roderigos attack, but was wounded by IagoOthello perspective that Cassio was killed and went on to find DesdemonaIago managed to kill Roderigo to keep his plans down the stairscover| practice in 25-27 scalawag 225Line 34-41 page 227Line 73 page 229| 2.| Othello entered as Desdemona was sleeping. He kissed her and stru ggled to conduct the murder. Desdemona woke up and was once again charge of unfaithfulness by Othello, which she denied. Despite her protests of innocence, he smothered her. Emilia arrived to inform Othello of the violence in the streets and discovered the murder. Othello admitted that he killed Desdemona, and explained Iagos founder in the murder. Emilia cried for help and was joined by Montano, Grantiano and Iago. Iago, under pressure, admitted accusing Desdemona. Emilia then expose the rightfulness some the handkerchief, which caused Iago to kill her and ran away. Othello, aware of his enormous mistakes, attached suicide beside Desdemona. Iago, aft(prenominal) being arrested, was taken away to wait for punishment from Cassio, who became the new governor of Cyprus | Othello ignored Desdemonas protests of innocence and smothered herEmilia unwrap the truth about the handkerchief, which revealed Iagos plots and led to her deathOthello realized his mistakes and act suicide | Line 105 page 243Line 267-272 page 255Line! 413-4117 page 265|...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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