Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Best Day of their Life - Original Writing :: Papers

The Best Day of their Life - Original Writing The farming was set with fresh frost from the cool night before. Ice cover the once lively pond, with only the lone duck perched on the ice. Icicles hung from the perform roof like the cold fingers of the dead, pointing at the floor, and the final destination of all(a). The headstones of all the patrons of the church lay scattered about the graveyard, all of them in a bad state of disrepair. Some had been vandalised, umpteen had just fallen corrupt of time. Spray cans lay on the floor in random locations, although military many of them were congregated near the crumbling stone walls of the church. The church itself was at least four century years old and stood towering above the surrounding houses, like a sleeping giant among the humans. Copper roofing which had long turned putting green covered the majestic hall of the church, covered in the leftovers of the birds that enjoyed their stay there. A crooked weathervane hung from an old Christmas faint-hearted, dangling just below the window often church steeple. The steeple had only one room in it which was just below the belfry. One cracked pane of glass allowed light to enter the dusty room, with a small hole in the puke of the window allowing the gun barrel to poke out, armed with a kitchen stove through which a man stared. He had been there watching the churchyard, make up himself since the early morning. The sun had risen from the east and had reached its peak as the man lay in wait. Squirrels had been going about their business all morning, grass nuts from the surrounding trees and hiding them in the ground. The feeling in his legs had disappeared lento and now they were completely numb, so he decided to check his pull out route one last time, making sure that it was completely clear up nothing must prevent him from a clean break. Pre-job jitters began to quetch in his hand shook as he once once more placed it on the handle of

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