Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Challenges of ESL Students in American Universities Essay

Ch all in allenges of ESL Students in American Universities - Essay ExampleInternational assimilators saying more challenges than local students. Most of the ESL students, if not all, feel a sense of helplessness due to the miss of proficiency in the English row. Most ELS students come to the United States with some knowledge of the English language but not the culture or the college life. For international students that come to the United States after completing high gear school, it is especially difficult since the academic structure of colleges and universities is completely different than high school. ESL students atomic number 18 given inexorable deadlines and significantly higher standards compared to high school standards. Something must be done to accommodate international students if the confidence that the transfer learning is effective is to be considered true. Classes for ELS students should be interactive with group discussions, role plays, and with problem-solvi ng skills (Sulliman 41). It is something that is not ever so seen in classes. The U.S history or Psychology are estimable examples of classes that are typically lectures followed by tests that are scheduled throughout the semester and a final paper. Crosson says that collaborative effort is needed on the part of all staff members, teachers, and administrators to see to it that ELLs and ESL instructions are fully integrated components of the schools culture and curriculum (Crosson 1). A good fit culture is very important for it to be a good fit between student and university, but ideally in a collaborative environment as discussed above.

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