Monday, May 13, 2019

BP's Environmental Report and Financial Statements Essay

BPs Environmental Report and Financial Statements - Essay ExampleThe BP environmental communicate sure is prepared following a certain model. The framework is a series of steps that begins by briefly outlining what the BP Company is all about, followed by an illustration of what the pictures on the cover page stand for. What follows adjoining is a table of contents and then an overview, which is made up of a recap of the years milestone events, follows in the series. There is an order of stories, from the most intriguing to the least. The stories include a country to county summary of projects, for example, in 2013, the director mentioned the terrorist attacks in Algeria, environmental restoration efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, the extension projects in Papua, the barroom measures in China, Brazil, Libya, and Russia.4. Safety forms a major point of focus on the report. Here, the report focuses on managing the sentry go and operational risk of the people and the environment, incl uding measures to avoid the occurrence of accidents and oil spills.The final step of the framework is reporting. This includes the ships companys report on their stakeholders on their engagement with our stakeholders. That is, what the company heard from its shareholders and how it is responding to their sentiments. (Sustainability Review, 2013)The report uses Operational dictatorial approach in setting its organizational boundaries. This is because the BP company has operational control over an all its trading operations since one of its subsidiaries, the parent company is able to direct the financial and operating regulations of the company with an aim to turn a profit economically from its operations. BP seeks to curb its operational GHG emissions by introducing reductions in flaring, operational energy efficiency, and venting.

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