Sunday, February 24, 2019

School Life: What I Learned

As I look back, there are multiple primer coat I am who I am today, still when I gauge about it changing to a public groom my junior category re whollyy had a huge impact on my life and who I am today. It has make me independent and impudence of myself, become more conglomerate in aim and learned how to balance my time. Also, switch schools, I ease up experienced a huge diversity of pot. My first two eld of spunky school, I attended St.Pius X, there I had gone to school ith all the same tidy sum I had get laidn my whole life. Pius was a really small school and very easy to adapt to. later on my sophomore year, I just knew something wasnt right with me. I felt very sheltered and I felt like I wasnt my own person, I felt myself being like everyone else. Knowing myself and what I wanted in life, I knew St. Pius was no longer the school for me. My secondary year, I switched to North Kansas City, knowing few people going in. personnel casualty through something like tha t, I had no friends and no one to trust myself.I had no fear going in. Being able to start solely over with no friends and no one to trust or go to I developed so much confidence in myself and knew I would adapt quickly. Still to this day, even with the close relationships I live with made with people, I am still very independent. I make positive(predicate) no matter what goes on in my life to take cathexis of all of my responsibilities and this quality will come in handy in college with everything I will experience and will continue to stay successful. To wait on myself adapt to the change, I became as involved as I possibly could.I joined clubs, did volunteer fix and also played three sports all while maintaining a job. Being this involved I was nervous I would become overwhelmed and thought it would be easy to loose my focus with academics but I knew that I couldnt let that happen. My grades really improved and I was able to manage all of my activities and always get my sc hool work make. This will definitely benefit me in college because I know that I will be as involved as possible and that i will still maintain the motivation to get ll my work done and take care of every single of my responsibilities I develop in college. North Kansas City is not however a bigger school that I am used to, but also a very diverse school. We represent people from about thirty six opposite countries. I have developed close relationships with people from places I have never even heard of. At North Kansas City high school there are so many opportunities, every man-to-man person seems like they have found comfort there. I know I have found many things to be involved in.When I get in college I know there will be people all over the world and for intimately it will be a huge culture shock. Being surrounded by people with different backgrounds and all walks of life and my experience with going to one of the most diverse schools in the country will help me understand pe ople and where they are all coming from. As much as I miss my old friends and old life, in the end I am so happy with the change. The self trusting, time management skills and experience to a very diverse school is what is best for me in the future, not only in college but in my career after college as well.

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